Miami: Early nineties

Back in 90 to 94 I was honored to be a colleague in the office of Greg Read.  (And also other fine lawyers). But, beyond being a colleague, Greg was my friend.  We had adventures together.  It was a source of pride (and still is) that he deemed me a friend.

I looked up to Greg as a friend, as a lawyer and as a person.  He had some faults.  Some were a mile wide. But they did not matter to me because all the good stuff he offered was so much more rewarding and valuable.

He was a hunter and a gun man.  And, though I had guns, we did not share that.  He fished though.  And we did share that.  As far as I know, he still holds the record for largest Blue Marlin ever caught in the waters of Key Biscayne on a twenty pound test line. (The trophy, “Pedro”, is now in my office building).  Then Jack Vissing,  Greg’s partner,  organized an annual fishing trip to Miami and Key Biscayne.  I went on two or three of these and have great memories of the comraderie and adventures.  Greg and I were the two single men on these trips…so we had our own set of adventures…perhaps beyond what Jack and the married guys had.

Greg’s great friend, Mary Ruiz, recently resurfaced a couple of old photos from those days.  Here they are.

If anyone is interested, I might post a few of my own.  But, it may not be of interest to anyone but me and a few others.  But, call it a tribute to friendship.

This is a photo of Greaser.  I think he is after Dolphin (Maui Maui) because it’s afternoon, he is not in a chair and he is using a light tackle.