MICK CASTLEBERRY for Jeffersonville Township Advisory Board

Goliath and the all and the many knows very very well what MUST be the choice when it comes to this office when you go in an vote a couple times in November. Mick …let me just say….this is a guy that represents all of Jeffersonville and in the very best way. Mick was an entrepreneur before being an entrepreneur was cool.   Mick knows and loves Jeffersonville and all us critters that live or work here.  He is precisely the sort person that should be on a local community board making decisions about local policy and local government.  Here’s a picture of Mick with his beautiful family: 

This is a person who is kind,  insightful, business minded and honest.  A straight up and down the line fellow. Also, when Goliath was at Greaser’s grave the other night…Greaser instructed that ALL FOGs (Friends of Greaser) MUST vote for Mick as many times as possible and if you don’t you will be haunted by some deceased pscychic vampires Greaser now has doing his bidding.

As far as those other candidates…. I guess they might be alright (except for Jamie Hudgins… the less said the better about him).  But, really, they could put Mick on this board by himself and it would be just fine.