Monday for Goliath

Goliath got a wrecking Monday.  Goliath had been set up to do a major combat for Tuesday and all was riding on whether terms could be reached. Similar to the nightmare in DC.  At the end,  the other combatant blinked and Goliath accepted terms. Victry Sweet VICTRY!  But this was AFTER having to endure the jibes and taunts of SStewart and his silent henchman, JMULL.  (on friday) making allusions to Goliath’s knees being soiled from unseemly grovelling….(which was, itself a dad blasted LIE).   Meanwhile, Goliath sent into the arena for a poor wretch…..a soul inhabiting a disorderd mind that lived in the woods like a wild animal.  OH MY HEATHERN GAWDS…. goliath actually did this fellow a service …..but now he is out there amongst the hoi and polloi…penniless and with a schizophrenic brain.

Goliath also stands upon the rocks and sees his beloved friend “BLACK BART” Bart M. Betteausurrendering his charge with a plea to 6 year on “Violent Felon” with a handgun.  Goliath seized the moment…and his charge gets 3 year….for same offense…yet BLACK BART paid probly 7500,  Goliath…not so much.   Then here come LINDON DODD….he speaks of Monday..…a horrible day and reminds one and all that some JAKE invented the day. Blast YOU Lindon Dodd.

Now Goliath go to the Mike Becher Adult Correctional Facility and counsel with his charge….this here  Jesse Pinkman type…and got dragged into Caper with numbskull. Dipshit dresses like ninjas,  raids HOME of numbskull’s mom and sister, and escape on a MOPED. ….managing to technically commit several crimes of HIGH LEVEL on the way.  Goliath in poker game….must wait for “THE FLOP”

THE FLOP comes and Goliath wins.  JEsse Pinkman is SAVED!!! (still has to cool heels in jail for a bit longer though)

Goliath wandering along the hallways of the Courts of Justice and the buzz is on that FORMER judge Steven M. Fleece wants to be CLERK OF COUNTY COURTS. ….People is shaking their heads…REALLY?  This here only JUDGE in history that wants to leave retirment and be a ‘clerk”.    Meanwhile….the great and the mighty,  the small and the meek are asking GOLiath…What the HELL?   But….before Goliath can formulate opinions, Goliath must have JAGERMEISTER…..must Consider Judge’s deflection of CCADS FUNDINGS,,  will Democrats have to carry THAT cross into November elections?

Eeeee Ye Heathern Gawds!!!!!   It is tough to be a Giant….Even on a lovely late September MONDAY!!!


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