NARVIK learns “Karma is a Beotch” as Goliath’s wrath hits Finances of beleagured hamlet

Here’s just the front lines of how Goliath, in concert with Terra securities has humbled this once proud enough to eject Goliath town above the arctic circle:


This film shows the difficult and epic journey Goliath actually took with Stats to get to this god forsaken and hellishly dark hamlet on the fjord. ┬áNote well…the first thing one sees as one exits train in Narvik is dog taking a dump. ┬áNote well…as the train crosses the blinding and crushingly boring tundra of Northern Sweden…imagine the endless boring hours and mind numbing rockings of the train passing through the arctic wastes …all this does Goliath endure ONLY to be RUDELY EVICTED from a hostel on the dubious grounds of snowball combat. WEAK….


Here’s a map/view: