UPDATE: Nicole Yates Shanghaied in Metro Hall Elevator, Reports Productive Afternoon. Mayor Greg Comments on Unfortunate-ish Event


BREAKING: Nicole Yates, local GAW reader (we assume) and powerhouse political operative for Mayor Greg was shanghaied today in the elevator at Louisville’s Metro Hall.

Nicole has since been rescued – after spending a tedious (or enjoyable) 20-30 minutes entrapped in the 5x5ish elevator.

“One should always keep snacks in their pocket in case of getting stuck in an elevator.” She states. “On the flip side, when I was young I was offended when my mom would tell me to ‘go sit down and be still.’ Today, I did just that in the elevator – and it felt good.”

“I remain confident in the Metro Hall Elevators – all of them, not just the one on the right.” Adds Yates. “Trust and believe that the Mayor’s office will do all it can to rescue me, if for no other reason – I am the keeper of the Mayor’s schedule.” #goodforsomething

Mayor Greg’s whereabouts (or not) remain undisclosed and unaccounted for during this period. Nicole is back on the job, and Louisville services appear to be functioning at press time.


“While imprisoned in the elevator, Nicole ‘No Drama Allowed’ Yates did not miss a beat. She simply used her smart phone to carry on the work of the city. Crisis averted.”