Norway defeated

viking_waxe  Well as predicted,  the pitiful town of Narvik has done been defeated and give up the GHOST.  Goliath declared VICTRY at 6:23 pm EDT  on December 11, 2013 after a brutal and decisive all out war on the beleagured and financially bankrupt Norwegian Sea port 100 miles North of the Arctic Circle.

Sources at the front report that the battles were blazingly fierce…but brief. 300PX-~1

Goliath released this brief statement.  “This evening we declare TOTAL Victry over the dad blasted Narvikians of Norway.  Since they was so dad blasted all around weak and pitiful especially after I had wrecked their economy by my collusion with Terra Securities and otherwise demoralized them Narvikians….it ain’t really all that much of a big win. HOwever this just and necessary war proves that ancient slights against the dignity and repose of Goliat will NOT be forgotten and while justice may be slow in coming, it will arrive like the dusty whirlwind one day. So it was written. So it was done”. 

Sources revealed that several nations sent ‘congratulatory’  telegrams to the Goliath Compound, including Great Britain,  Denmark and New Zealand.   With this decisive and overwhelmng victory, one front in Goliath’s controversial ‘two front’ ‘two ocean’ wars is closed.  Military experts stated that this would likely mean a redoubling of intensity of the war against the Clark County Chatter Logo and doubted the CCC would be able to withstand the onslaught as Goliath is now able to focus all his military might against the hapless internet forum from Clark County.