***UPDATE 3/19 12:01*** Now come on Mayor Mikey…This isn’t what the City Council meant by more open communication

***GAW News Update*** 

We have just confirmed that Mayor Mikey…red handedcaught Red-Handed, has cancelled his Spring-Fling to the sunshine state on the Tax-Payer dime.

Looks like the Fun-Sucking City Council had to go and stick their nose in the Mayors business once again.


How will they be able to sleep at night knowing that Mayor Tight-Shirt can’t get his tan on?

Someone better start working on a jazzercisePlan-To-Tan… The Mayor has some serious Jazzercise sessions coming up at the River Stage and must be Tan, Rested, and Ready…ala Tricky Dick Nixon




With way too much ignorant buffoonery already spewing out of the local political scene due to the county races heating up…

Mayor Mc-DumbAss couldn’t stand the lack of attention on his failed administration. As his ignorance had been quelled quite nicely by his handlers of late, the chains have come off again.

The Chatter-lings & what is left of the M.M. faithful will label the removal of these claims by the City Council as a petty, political Parlor-Trick.  Sole intention of ALL-9 of these City Council members must have been to make Mayor Prophylactics (Please see pic below) look bad…Right?Mayor Mc-Douche Bag

Can I get a ….HELL NO

This is just another perfect example of Mikey saying one thing on the campaign trail and doing the complete opposite.photo text mesage

What the hell? Did the City Council also cut his cell phone budget where he can’t get the “Spell Check” included in his texting? We live in the modern world dude… Veiled threats like these sent via text message will certainly and should be used against you in the public court of opinion.

How dumb can you be?

Any communication amongst elected officials is required to be made public. This rube-of-a-Mayor fires off a threatening, vile text to one the members of the City Council that I believe given the opportunity, wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.piss on you

Some things are intended for personal consumption; however, this Jagoff couldn’t possibly believe this text is one of those types of messages. My only beef with the City Council on this entire debacle is why they haven’t taken the damn credit card away from him? cut up credit card

He has obviously shown a blatant disregard for the policy that the fiscal body of government has put in place in order to try to manage such ignorance.

It has since been proven that these conferences that Mayor Mikey wanted to attend was nothing more than a personal vacation parlay using taxpayer dollars.  I know some people will read this with that “Glass half full” mentality and say to themselves “Now I can’t believe the Mayor would blatantly disregard the City ordinance and use the taxpayers money for his personal trips and what not”  Major-Water-LeakWell not only is your glass half empty, that son of a bitch  leaking like a siv…

The moral of the story is clear to everyone in the world — except the Batshit-Crazy loyal Moore Kool-Aid Drinkers. They are so drunk off his  “I’m the Man Routine” that they can’t see how truly bad it has become.

Anyone with half a brain has come to the realization that this babblingput out to pasture jackass of a Mayor should have been put out to pasture a long time ago.

But don’t worry. His band of loyal idiots will surely be there to sweep up the pieces again and help create some kind of comparisons to when Galligan was Mayor then duck and cover and wait for it to blow over.

Good luck with that.

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