Operation Jade Helm

In texas (soon to be “New MassaTexas”)  communism is on the march.  In the Late summer of 2015 , the Kenyan born Muslim mole Hussein Obama (Praise Allah) set in motion a secret

plan to infiltrate the most true blue, bestest American State in the Union and turn it into a Sharia law loving, Muslim base for the overthrown of the White Christian traditional America as our

grandparents knew it.  No more Norman Rockwell paintings. No more Baseball.

Though some wise patriots saw the threat…no one identified what the real plan was. Obama had the UN troops mixed in with good american boys and these foreign shifty eyes

were armed not with bullets but with specially developed  acid and exstacy which they infiltrated into the texas water supply.  People minds have been boggled and Muhammed

is on them ,  running 7-11’s all over what was once the Great State of Texas.  Soon it will be renamed “MassaTexas” and then it will be on to Oklahoma and Kansas!!!!