Actor Mike Pence Triumphs in Broadway Debut!

New York- 11-19-16:  The “Big Apple” saw the dazzling debut of America’s latest “King of Broadway” as show stopper,  Mike Pence,  razzle dazzled the crowd as he tripped the lights fantastic on Broadway last night at the stage of the “Dick” Rogers Theater.



The beautifully coiffed “Master of all Hearts” has a long history in ‘the business’  hosting his own ‘theater of the mind’ radio show in the mid nineties.  From the humble confines of an Indianapolis radio station,  Pence leapfrogged to the national stage in Washington D.C. portraying the great fictional character “Mike Pence, Congressman”  a satiric figure who ‘believed gay people could be converted to hetero-orientation by Christianity gaychristian

and mouthed populist evangelical bromides.  He drew rave reviews as he “breathed life” into his character of a wooden headed dipshit who said stuff like “smoking isn’t related to lung cancer” with a straight face as the nation had a laff riot!  (I still chuckle when I think of this one).  “Gay people just need Jesus” was another belly buster of Mr. Pence’s creation. (which pre-dated and is said to have been the inspiration for Stephen Colbert’s character on the “Colbert Report”).

Pence moved from that triumph to his perhaps most nuanced, satiric character “The guvner”.  As the governor of a middling sized, unremarkable, rustbelt midwest insignificant state Pence knocked out audiences with the mishaps ‘the guvnor’ was always stumbling and bumbling through.  For example his “State Media” Episodejustin

in which his dim witted character,  fed up with critical “Liberal Media”  was having cornflakes with his 5 year old granddaughter who suggested “why don’t you start your own tv station grandpa?”  Pence’s governor is inspired and goes about setting up a ‘media department’ run by state bureaucrats that would supplant regular news stations. This boondoggle results in the feckless guvnor being hooted at by the whole nation. The episode concludes at the breakfast table where a dejected guvnor is once again sharing breakfast cereal with the cute as a button grandchild. But, Grumpy Guvnor is having NONE of it  and dumps the kids breakfast to the floor.cerealspill


In another riotous episode, The guvnor gets tricked into signing a “right to work” bill that kills peoples right to work.  (Pence received an Emmy Award for this episode)  Sometimes his work was sublime and poignant. For example the nation was in tears as he deftly tore our hearts out as he showed the wreck he had become in the episode where, as a governor, leader of government he traveled to Washington D.C. and gave a speech “Shut it down”.  The ironies of a government official challenging the public to shut down government exceeded any ironies that year in “Breaking Bad” and many feel Pence was robbed when the Emmy went to Brian Cranston.

As we all know,  greater dramatic challenges were ahead for this master performer.  Selected for the Reality Television show “Trump for President” he played the role of smarmy opportunist that goes from endorsing Trumps greatest opponent,  (the hilarious “Ted Cruz”)  to being Trumps toady Vice president nominee where Pence, keeping a straight face, ironically debated his opponent, the well reviewed Timmy Kaine and bold face lied and denied Trump’s most famous gaffes even as the video showing the gaffes happening were rolling on the split screen.  Masterful!

In Season 2 of “Trump IS President”  sources say Pence will continue to portray the canny, dull toady fawning on every word of his master and secretly maneuvering, behind the scenes, to further his career as “President” some time in the future….’just in case something happens”.

Last night,  Pence brought his act to Broadway and the audience showed just how much they loved his character,  “Vice President”.


It was a moment to savor and a night to remember.