“Pride of the Dipshits” Episode IV “Execute the Preznint!!”

Yes yes….Goliath knows very very well that we been churning up our very own special breed of Dipshits here in Clark County lately. But…Seeing how Goliath got this local dipshittery in his face each and every day with the stench thereof burning in his nostrils he done grown weary of the local Dipshit parade. (you can follow it all on the local NT daily Drug Court story).

But, Goliath done been shown another masterful example of Dipshit from another locale which hearten old Goliath and encourage him that the DIpshits will always be with us…no matter where we go.

So in this episode of Pride of the Dipshits, (here the original story: http://gawnews.com/pride-of-the-dipshits/)   we reveals the old dame that is outraged OUTRAGED at Preznint Obama and tells her Congressman Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK)Watch What Happens When A Woman Tells Rep. Bridenstine Obama Should Be Executed to “EXECUTE” the Preznint.  Does the Congressman rebuke her? Does the Congressman  deflect her vile hatred, ignernce, venom and stupidity? (not to mention treasonous utterances?)  No, This here pasty dough faced Republican Representative encourage her…”We all know Obama’s lawlessness” he says.  Keep you DIPSHIT DREAM ALIVE!!

Good JOb Congressman….You made it on “PRIDE OF THE DIPSHITS”