“Pride of the Dipshits” Episode V

Goliath loves this series….covering so many episodes of public note.  Latest entry in our ongoing series “Pride of the Dipshits” is Gavin Seim.  I guess Gavin’s mommy didn’t hug him enough so now Gavin is going toe to toe with grandma looking women who work the FEMA info booth with information on how to prevent or guard from disasters at Lowe’s Department store.  They are obviously the face of Gummit oppression and defiance of the USA Constitution. So Gavin COURAGEOUSLY challenged them. What is especially cute is how Gavin says over and over how he is being ‘polite’ when obviously he needs somebody to punch him one right in the nose.  Here’s this idiot in action…PRIDE OF THE DIPSHITS episode V “Takin’ on the Grandma’s”