Pride of the Dipshits (UPDATE) Floyd County Health Department

Goliath usually so busy with his Jaegermeister,  trash can  digging,  rifling parked cars for loot, and running errands for the wimmens in his life, he ain’t got time for no dad blasted rival blogs …especially not those what originates in GNAWBANY.  But,  it come to Goliath’s attention that a rival blogger,  Roger Baylor got his self into dad blasted trouble by trying to sell beer outside the good graces of the Floyd County Health department.   It ever so clear to Goliath this was a bullshit move my FCHD….since Beer is already something no self respecting person would drink ..(except as a chaser for Jaegermeister).  But here come this nitwit to give BIG CITATION to Baylor for having sheer and unmitigated gall to dispense his product upon the peoples what has lives so dismal that they are reduced to attending a NEW ALBANY festival in hopes and efforts of having “a good time” (imagine how desperate their lives must be to try and find joy and ‘fun’ in that HELL HOLE of New Albany?!!! SMH!)

Baylor rightfully challenges this here…CITATION…..and go on warpath. (much like Goliath would do if insulted and affronted by the NANNYS at FCHD)  However,  this war of Baylors…only mildly interesting until a couple things occurred.  But,  Baylor can tell his own sad story……

What Elevates this otherwise ‘man fights city hall’ story to the honor and splendor of being included for recognition on Gawnews “PRIDE OF THE DIPSHITS”  (See this wonderful list of prior winners:   is the amazing dipshittedness of the FLOYD COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT for taking a photo of one of their Air Polluting and GAS GUZZLING pick up trucks parked in front of Roger’s joint as if to suggest his joint is likely serving food that’s a health risk!!!

Then….when Roger Baylor lawyers up and calls the FCHD out for their dad blasted juvenile image

They respond by stealing a photo from his blog and putting it up with a negative story about him on their website. DIPSHITS!

For this, and for their other assorted dipshit activity, we celebrate another entry into the GAWNEWS “PRIDE OF THE DIPSHITS”…..the Floyd County Health Department and whoever the dipshit is that is handling this website of theirs.

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