Pride of the Dipshits

Goliath notice a phenomen what happen many many times.  People that not only are ignorant asses….but are PROUD of being ignorant asses.   For these here peoples,  Goliath has invented and come up with a very very good word.  These here are “Dipshits”.

Dipshits are the same people that do stuff like stand in a public bully pulpit and lecture the many and all about how “Life is Sacred”  and meanwhile …. beat the drum for War (so long as they don’t have to go fight).

Dipshits might be found condemning the homosexual lifestyle….and later be found in a Minneapolis Men’s room toilet playing footsie canoodle with another man.

Dipshits might go on and on about how the only acceptable form of Marriage  is ‘Biblical Marriage’….and then, when you ask them, “Hey, so Polygamy and concubinage is ok?”  They start sputtering.

Dipshits might run for office promising ‘the most transparent’ administration ever….and then refuse to turn over policy memorandum on Drone programs or “Fast and Furious” send guns to Mexican Drug Cartels.

Dipshits might be found wanting to cut education spending…but advocating arming teachers…shizz like that.

Now, it is true that sometimes Goliath acts like a dipshit….but here the one difference…Goliath ain’t PROUD of being a dipshit.    So  Goliath want to open this here post up for comments from the many many dipshits that are PROUD of being ignorant,  ‘goin’ with the gut’,  and even, maybe…wants to SECEDE…from their country.  Maybe you are one of them people that Damns Obamacare…..with the slogan “Gummit needs to keep its dirty filthy hands off MY MEDICARE!!!” 2009-08-05-oldladiesteapartysticker2.jpg  (Goliath actually seen that!).   So, an open invitation…Dipshits of Southern Indiana….tell us all about yourselves!!!!   For advanced Dipshits….they can take this test to see just how big a dipshit they are (Thanks to BESTPAGEINTHEUNIVERSE….which is a lie and stuff because GAWNEWS is actually the Best page in the universe as many and all know)

also,  Goliath VEHEMENTLY ( being vehement is a warning sign of possibly being a dipshit) disagrees with these definitions….well sort of :