Prosecutor Hijinks in Jefferson County Murder Case

The details would be hilarious….if it weren’t so pathetic.  Prosecutors played ‘hide’ the evidence with the defense. Of course the judge doesn’t declare a mistrial….Heck…I am sure the defense can ‘adjust’ to the fact the prosecuting star witness originally told a different story.   The detail of the prosecutor finding the ‘missing’ statement in  a truck’ is the funniest of funny jokes.  Ha ha ha! Here is an excerpt from the CJ story:

The defense has told the current jury that Dejuan Hammond is the victim of overzealous and unscrupulous investigators, bent on convicting him of the high-profile killing, no matter the cost.The years-long court proceedings have been fraught with allegations of prosecutorial misconduct and witness coercion. Shouse has blamed Louisville Metro Police Detective Roy Stalvey and former prosecutor Tom Van De Rostyne.The current prosecutors, Elizabeth Jones Brown and James Lesousky, apparently learned of the 2009 interview Friday. Shouse was cross-examining Princess Bolin then and mentioned the two statements she was known to have given: one in June 2011 and the second the following month.  Stalvey noted to Jones Brown and Lesousky that there was a third statement, the one given in August 2009, just months after Sheckles’ murder.Prosecutors scrambled during the weekend to track down the interview. Stalvey apparently found a copy in his truck Sunday, according to prosecutors’ statements in court Monday morning.”

GOLIATH also find it oh so very funny that the prosecutors blames it all ALL of it on ‘bad guy’ their predeccessor an former prosecutor De Rostyne.  “This is a residue of Mr. Van De Rostyne,” Shouse told the judge.

It was NOT explained how the evil Mr. Van De Rostyne managed to  plant the statement in Det. Stalvey’s truck and Mr. Lesousky’s office.  Weird huh?

Here is a LINK to the whole funny funny story.