Pulling back the Veil: Former Elect Sec’y of State, Charlie White’s EXPLOSIVE allegations

For many of us,  the Judiciary remains one place of MYSTERY and CURIOSITY.  Judges are POWERFUL.  They have the power of KINGS (until they are appealed…which only the rich can afford ..unless it’s a criminal case).   Charlie White ran for and won a massive victory as a Republican for Sec’y of State for Indiana. He found himself charged with Vote Fraud and Theft and got himself convicted resulting in being debarred from office.  He has filed a Petition with the trial court for “post conviction relief”.  His petition makes EXPLOSIVE allegations and, if true, reveals a treasure trove of  not very pleasant information.  KUDOS to Advance Indiana Blog for covering this story:  Here it is: http://advanceindiana.blogspot.com/2013/04/judge-nation-recuses-himself-from.html?spref=fb

WOW….We note that Judge Nation states the allegations are incorrect.