Quarterly Psychotic Episode # 16

Goliath guess that, for the reader, just like old Goliath, as much as wish to…every day make harder and harder to deny that the Xmas season is creeping up on us all good peoples. At the compound, the wimmens is all running around looking at catalogs …talking on the iphones making big plans …. asking Goliath for credit cards, cash, itunes cards, checkbooks etc.,  so that All Goliaths days are getting lined out like so many prison yard activities.

Is it SADD (seasonal affective depression disorder?) or the Clark County Blues? Or is it  the dismay at seeing the HT blog Batblog thrive and blossom into a modern day media empire on the back of Gawnews?   Is it looking at the CCC and seeing the usual chatterers endlessly, tirelessly discussing the Xmas decorations on Spring Street?  Or is it the sad contemplation of INTEGRITY MATTERS and imagining the barren wasteland that must be her inner life.   Or…is the way things look in Ferguson, NYC and Cleveland or Ebola?  Or is it the beat down of the Dems in Harrison, Floyd and Clark Countys?  Is it being informed enough to see the dismal similarities between todays society and the society of certain former eras which did not have such happy endings ?  Is it the drug war? Is it the War on Terror? Is it the war on Poverty? Is it the Pee Police?  Is it seeing friends get taken down for petty human vices while you have to stand witness to the truly egrigious thrive because their sins are “TO BIG TO FAIL or JAIL?”  Is it the 3000 year old carcass getting another year older? Is it the dead friends we ain’t gonna hear laugh no more. Is it paying out a ton of money to take care of all what you gots to take care of? Is it the antique folks you love you can see on the way out who don’t even know you no more?  Is it seeing a familiar face and know ..he’s dying… Is it having to fight the same old fight you done fought so many time over because ever generation gots to learn the same lessons…

OH  MY HEATHERN GAAAWds …mayb old GOliath should just give  in and get presecribed some ‘happy’ pills and what not. At least for the season.

But,  we gots stuff to celebrate,  before Goliath forget.  They shut down Jeff City Court and the very best municipal policy reasons were exercised.  Bravo!  The Anti-gay crowd still going strong.  Hurray!   Mike Hutt succeeded in his lawsuit to kill a 10 million dollar project! Good on ya!  THe City Council killed a 30 million dollar project ! Whoo Hoo!!   Dennis Julius dressed down Ken Pierce in public for not bringing him Ken’s proposal early enough. That SHOWED him!!!   Somebody in Vicki Conlin’s office can work for the city and teach at IVy Tech  AT THE SAME TIME!!! GO GIRL!

Good Grief…. Goliath Reeling with JOy!!!