RDA plan out the window. Clark County Big Wigs turn to GOLIATH for solution

Kevin  Vissing and Goliath hatched an alternative plan to fulfill goals of the big RDA

dumbass plan that ceded power and authority to some twits appointed by

1SI (one Southern Indiana….GAG!!!)  with Goliath over keg of Jagermeister.

Clark, Floyd and Scott to delegate all executive and legislative and Judicial
authority to Goliath. Goliath to be “King of Southern Indiana” The KSI plan.

Goliath to rule with Iron fist. Goliath designated proxy owner of ALL personal
and Private Property.

Goliath promise ‘5 year plan’ to return the Kingdom of Southern INdiana to

First 100 days:

1. All 1SI member thrown in dungeon or Clark County Jail (Sheriff Noel’s minions will
subject them to cavity searches @ 72 hour intervals)

2. Bridges completed. IMagine what can be done when OSHA regs disregarded.

3. Declaration of War on Louisville. First capture the “Belle of Louisville”
outfit it with cannon and spray the ‘Great Lawn’ with artillery fire until Mayor
Greg Fischer pays tribute of 50 Million. (He’s got it).

4. All Floyd County government structure permanently obliterated. Floyd annexed
to Clark County and taxes on Floyd county peasantry DOUBLED.

5. SPORTSDROME converted to Colisseum like Stadium and declaration of TO THE DEATH

You are welcome. Sincerely Goliath