Red Yeti Brewing Company – UPDATE!

Opening on the corner of Chestnut and Spring Street late this Summer!

Red Yeti Brewing Company

Check out their menu here.

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The GNB reported this story yesterday, unaware until this evening that Red Yeti plans to delay their promotions pending a go-ahead from the Mayor. Moore is set to make the official announcement on behalf of this local business in a couple of weeks, according to an update posted on the brewery’s Facebook page tonight.

The cat yeti is out of the bag – and while we won’t steal their thunder by reporting in further detail, we wish them the very best of luck and welcome them to the neighborhood.

We’ll follow their Kickstarter campaign when it launches and keep you posted.

While you may have read it here first, we’ll officially blame our friend Roger Baylor (New Albany’s formidable internet lord and renowned brewmaster) for spilling the beans on this one – back in January. Way to go, Baylor. New Albany – ruining everything since 1813.