There are many stories in life.  Some are grand. Some are sad or precious or funny.

Here is Jules (previously banned and later reinstated to Gawnews)  giving a story about her son, Riley.  He passed away a year or so ago.


Today would be Riley’s 24th birthday!!

As I’ve said before Riley was all about birthdays and especially his!!  I have a Riley birthday story for almost every one of the 22 he celebrated and last year wrote about when he was 6 or 7 and went door-to-door reminding all the neighbors it was his birthday ( and it wasn’t too late to buy him something)…This year’s is similar, however it didn’t actually happen on his birthday, but you’ll get the idea.

In Apr. 2000, we were preparing to move from our previous home, ( the only home Riley had lived in to date) to our current one…We had older neighbors on one side who had no children and “adopted” my kids as their grandchildren remembering them with little gifts at Xmas and cards on their birthdays…Claire and Neal both have March birthdays and had received their cards from the neighbors as usual a month earlier…About a week before we moved, unknown to me, Riley knocked on their door and they invited him in…He sat and visited with them for a little bit and then said something to the effect of, “I really liked the birthday cards you gave to Claire and Neal this year…They were really nice…Do you know we’re moving next week??…Really far away??” ( It wasn’t that far, maybe 2 miles)…They said yes, they knew we were moving and would miss seeing him everyday, etc…Then they said he got the saddest look on his face and said he was worried how hot it would be in August and how far they’d have to WALK if they would ever want to visit or see him in August…They might even get lost because he didn’t think he could give them proper directions!!…Of course never once mentioning his birthday in August, because I’d finally gotten it through his head that it was rude to ask for birthday gifts ( or so I thought)…They said they really appreciated his concern for their health and safety and maybe they’d figure out a way to visit him one day and with that it was time for him to come home…They said they’d never seen a child walk so slowly down the street in their life, looking back at their house every few seconds as if one of them would come flying out the door with his birthday card. 

The next day they did come to our door with a birthday card for Riley and he acted so surprised to see them…Of course I knew nothing about his visit the day before and thanked them for being so thoughtful to remember his birthday 4 months early and before we moved…With that they cracked up and had to tell me about his visit the day before and how they realized pretty quickly what he was there for, but thought it so much more fun to let him talk and talk and talk.  After they left and as I’m closing my front door preparing to talk to him once again about asking for gifts, he’s shooting off out the back door with me running behind him yelling, “RILEY MASTERSON…HERE…NOW”…Actually that phrase was kind of a theme that ran through Riley’s life…But, that’s what made him our Riles.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!