I was glad to see this person write his thoughts and views. Now he makes a final post. He made his last stand on the Clark County Chatter.  This is what he wrote.

He said:


This is a post that I think I need to make. Over the years we have lost a few good people
and they just seemed to disappear. I don’t want anyone to wonder or speculate.
So here it is … my last post.

Recently I have been informed that I won’t be around much longer. Yeah … that kinda sux.
(don’t get all weepy and $h|t. Everybody has this one coming eventually)
I now have a lot to do in an unknown time frame so I don’t have time to do this anymore.
The only thing I see as different is that now you will all have to do your own research.
(not that many of you actually give a rat’s @$$ since you prefer to accept rhetoric,
propaganda, and, recently, outright lies to actual facts)

I thought about making this some kind of platform to rail against the ignorant but decided
that would be a waste of time and energy. I’ll only say this to the ideologues, party people,
and other dogmatic types: At least TRY to think for yourselves. Don’t accept things just
because they agree with your particular world view. Most such world views are delusional.
If someone tells you that they have “the truth” or that “it is really very simple” they are
probably lying. (even if they are lying to themselves as well)

I wasn’t going to name names but there is one that I need to. That would be Quasar.
Over the years this forum has drifted further and further to the right. I’ve accepted that.
Quasar is a bit to the right of conservative and posts from some very questionable sources.
We have had some serious disagreements and usually don’t agree in the end but he has
always been fair in his dealings with me. (I can’t speak for anyone else, however)
The future of this forum seems to be in question at the moment. I hope that if this place
goes down it can be replaced (at least the Jeffersonville & Clark County sections)
We have done some meaningful things here over the years using this platform.

I’ll be asking Quasar to lock down this thread. There is nothing here for discussion.

If you want to respect my wishes then please refrain from posting here.
(that includes goodbyes, sympathy, condolences or whatever else)

I’ve sorta enjoyed it.
Best of luck,