Samples Trial : Samples fate in the hands of the Jury

Update:   The trial has come to a close and the case is now with the jury. Deliberations began shortly after four p.m. after spirited closing arguments by the State and the Defense.  The defense did not call Samples to testify. However, in an exclusive interview with GAWNEWS,  defense counsel Jennifer Culotta cullota

stated that the defense was that the alleged victim had told Samples that she was of age to legally have sexual relations. Further, Culotta showed Gawnews  an apparent Facebook Private message, allegedly from the victim to the defendant which appears to corroborate Samples claims by stating she was turning 16 and was looking forward to a ‘wild sex’ event.  (Gawnews paraphrases the message).

If so, the case rests on the jury’s determination of whether or not the defendant was reasonable in believing she was 16.

Samples fate is now in the hands of the jury.

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