Scooped: Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to Seek Reelection

Hears first on the GAW.

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In the official press release Fischer listed his accomplishments.

I’ve been honored to serve my hometown for the last two years. My team, with the assistance of all 750,000 citizens, has set Louisville on a new course — creating a more innovative, entrepreneurial and compassionate city. We have accomplished much, but we have more to do.

In 2010, I ran on a platform of “jobs, jobs, jobs” and many of you were closely involved with my campaign. I’m proud to say that Louisville’s economy has started to grow again, with 22,000 new jobs created in the metro area the past two years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Brookings Institution report from 2012 concluded that Louisville had the fourth greatest economic recovery growth in the nation

Government doesn’t create jobs — but we create the right environment for entrepreneurs and the private sector to do so.

Some of my team’s more significant accomplishments these past 28 months include:

· Breaking ground on the 40-year-old Ohio River Bridges Project by working with officials in Kentucky and Indiana.

· Investing in the city’s libraries, including re-opening libraries on Sunday and renovating Shawnee, Bon Air and the Western branch, opening a new Fairdale branch and funding construction of the Southwest regional library, in Valley Station;

· Creating a more efficient government through the the Office of Performance Improvement and LouieStat, short for Louisville Statistics, to ensure taxpayer dollars are wisely spent. LouieStat led to $1.46 million in savings in overtime from March of last year to March this year, a 14 percent savings.

· Leading a cultural transformation at the Metropolitan Sewer District and a consolidation with Louisville Water Company, saving up to $25 million to ratepayers;

· Developing a safer city, including the creation of the LMPD VIPER squad to pursue violent repeat offenders — and get them off the street. Overall crime in the city is down, according to data