The Secretary Sonnet

Why must I wonder if her heart has vacancy?
Her love may be fulfilling, may wake me from this slumber.
A puzzle to be completed, a reality from fantasy.
Maybe it will be enough to satisfy my heart’s appetite for wonder.

She’s more valuable than she knows.
Broken hearts have paved her way.
If only she would look beyond the pain, look deep below.
The real estate in my heart shall offer a place to stay.

Perhaps she’s just scared, scared of what she’s does’t see.
I’ve laid a golden path, which will lead me to her heart.
When she allows me to enter, that heart is who I will be.
She will be my fresh start.

From the walls, flowers will grow,
And when she sees this, I am undoubtedly certain – she must know.

Thanks to a good friend. Life gets better. I promise.