Somebody ain’t tellin’ it right

Here at GAWNEWS  based on the analytics of good old J.W. Hardin,  we were DELIGHTED to see how they voted.. UNANIMOUSLY to shut down the despicable Jeff City COURT!!!   Now we gonna have some fun as we shove ever more miscreants and misdemeanants onto the backs of ye olde Circuit Court #3.  Heck ..maybe even some battery in Circuit 1 and 4 and don’t forget those Drug war engagements known as Possession of the old POT plant!!! Those go into Circuit 2.

Now aint’ it so funny how all the City Council got to hear the right points of view. Heck

they ALL said the UNANIOUMSLY heard the JEff City needed shutting down.  Thank Goodness they didn’t talk to Steve Stewart  the prosecutor or bother listening to Mickey Weber or Judge Carmichael or Judge elect Jacobs!!!!  Good Job!   The Toxicity of the Jeff City Hall is simply….. AWESOME!!!   Here is a nice little story ….. Though some at the Jeff City meeting claimed the prosecutor was on their side….well it seems that they AINT Check it out PEOPLES…somebody ain’t shootin’ straight!   LINK  (according to the NewsTribune’s Gary Popp…he says Stewart is AGAINST shuttin’ her down!)  Well, John Wesley Hardin is DEE-lighted whenever a law man like Stewart is Defeated!  So we celebrates very very much over here on Gawnews.

Check out how the ISP treats that no good window tint violatin’ Judge Pierce!!! (alleged window tint violator*)

Now here is the good ole Jeff City meeting where despite the cries of the judges, prosecutors,  concern citizens,  ‘do gooders’ and their ilk….the good old Jeff Council SHUT IT DOWN!!! (to quote Gov. Mike Pence)

What makes this thing SO DELICIOUS is to see how Dennis Julius dresses down the errant TinT violator (alleged) Judge Pierce and we see he decides to vote agin him….not on the merits…but because his personal peeve that Judge Pierce didn’t get his proposal to Julius ‘soon enough’ see at  31:45.   This is PRICELESS!!!  Hon. D. Julius (Dem)  points out that he wanted the numbers of how much it would save if  Tint Violator (alleged) Pierce fired some of his few employees.  He is OH SO DISSAPPOINTED that he didn’t get the exact numbers until the meeting.  And he is having NONE of Pierces explanations (it’s Thanksgiving weekend) He is ALL BIDNESS. But,  Gawnews cain’t help note that it aint too tuff to figure out that if you cut a couple employees then you ain’t having to pay ’em.  That’s a tough concept though for the COuncil I guess.

But, Gawnews thinks the truth is that this is the refuge of the man doing something he knows in his heart is wrong.  He know it gonna hurt Pierce and his employees unjustly if he vote against the Court…but he offloading the blame BACK ON PIERCE. “Gee Judge, if only you give me them numbers earlier….I probably would have voted to save the Court…but IT’S ON YOU NOW!!!”    At least Matt Owen had the gumption just to say “Screw it….I want it shut down”.  All this namby pamby…. ‘Why didn’t you get these numbers to me last week?”  mealy mouth bullshit. Down in HELL  J. W. Hardin tells Goliath they is just LOVIN’ THAT move by good old D. Julius.  They HOPING he run for MAYOR NOW!!!

The other thing OH SO DELIGHTFUL for the Toxicity lovers down in HELL is how Alleged Taint Violator (sorry  TINT violator)  Judge Pierce points out apparent GHOST EMPLOYMENT* in the City Clerk Office.  Someone been Spending time teaching at IVY TECH and also ON THE PAYROLL FOR THE CLERK.  See at minute 25:20

Here the oh so funny part of that. The old back story is that somebody sicced the ISP on old alleged tint violator K. Pierce because one of his employees was pregnant last year and win she finished her work for the day would leave early allegedly.  Goliath hear this one was confronted by ISP and accused of  “GHOST EMPLOYMENT” but the threat was RAT OUT TINT VIOLATOR and we won’t charge you!!!  But the pregnant gal weren’t no dope…weren’t guilty of squat and didn’t ‘cooperate’.  But ain’t it so nice of Pierce to dredge up an ACTUAL case of ALLEGED Ghost employment?   I can’t wait to see the speed of the ISP investimergating that ACTUAL case.  They will get on it right quick like right?   (Goliath laughs long and hard at that idea).


*Please note,  Judge Pierce did NOT actually accuse anyone of ghost employment. He said it was ‘obviously’ an error in record keeping. Here at Gawnews we regret our hellish interpretation that the Clerks records were correct and it implies ‘ghost employment’.   Probably Judge Pierce is wrong.  Probably not only is there no ghost employment but also,  that office is run PERFECTLY and there is no record keeping error.  Probably Pierce just a liar making all that up.  Another good reason to shut down the Court. The judge of the court lies on what the clerks records are!!!!  -J.W. Hardin