Something is ROTTEN

Goliath done watched with interest as some remarkable and to the necrotic brain tissue mind of Goliath was worth noting and what Goliath figured was news worthy.  First of these was the comment by Former Chief Dwight Ingle’s explanation of why he was running for sheriff.  Here is what Chief Ingle said in the News Tribune Voter Guide,

“…. I am running to try and stop what has been going on by some state police officers in our area that are lying on probable cause (documents)  for traffic stops and targeting  individuals that challenge their illegal tactics. These officers are out of control and getting away with it. ”   Source  (click on “Source”  for News Tribune Candidate Voter Guide). 

Goliath poke around…. and hear some stories that ISP is tracking one public official in particular.  Want this guy so bad that in one instance…left the seen of a legitimate traffic stop, just to pull over this guy what was possibly targeted.  Then Goliath also hear that a potential Politician of the wrong political party (Democrat) was done had his business invaded by the ISP searching for …what?  But excuse a knot head Giant…but don’t it deserve a little poking around when a former Police CHIEF  makes such a claim?

Then Goliath look over at (or should goliath say ‘Down at”?) Nawbany.  Headlines made when a 19 year veteran came to a Police Merit Board and made allegations of up an down the line CORRUPTION against her force, the New Albany Police Department. Officer Laura Schook said

“In March of this year, I stood before you, and I advised you of several problems occurring within this department, including possible serious criminal conduct by members of this department; an alleged, corrupt police administration; and a facilitation of a discriminative, hostile work environment.

“After this was brought to your attention, the alleged offenders were allowed to investigate themselves. I am asking this honorable commission to consider asking the state police to take this investigation over so it can be conducted in an uncorrupt, unbiased manner. Thanks for considering my request.”   NewsTribune

That was some pretty dad blast powerful claims.  Chief Knight denied any wrong. …and the merit board sound like this was all a big surprise!  Sadly…Schook did not share any dad blasted specifics so we not get the juicy details and what not.  Schook is no slouch mister…she won the Frank Denzinger Scholarship after 15 years of service: 

Goliath however figures Gary Popp,  who has been doing an excellent job reporting on criminal cases and court action  might be chasing down some eyebrow raising stuff.  Goliath however still wondering what Chief Dwight had under his hat.