Spa Knowledge

Goliath listening to story this weekend and in it,  one character (who is a woman) says of a town “They have the most amazing spas here”.    Goliath driving along in car and mind wanders to the idea of a ‘spa’.   Then he realize ….Goliath ain’t got no idea what a spa actually IS.   Then he think…but wimmens ALL seem to know what a spa is.  That kinda funny.  Then,  going a little further…Goliath think about the men he knows…and realize…Men do NOT know what a spa is….(unless maybe they are gay)…but ALL wimmens do know.

For example,  a year or so ago, Goliath take the Sprout and Sheba El Al on big trip to Orlando Florida so Sprout can frolic in the Principality of Disney.  Stay at big hotel on lake and on main floor as come out of elevator was the “Mandara Spa”.Photos of Mandara Spa, Orlando
This photo of Mandara Spa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Every time Goliath walk by this here ‘spa’ he look in and see this beautiful wimmens sitting there and there is a fountain gurgling away and the sounds of soft music and tinkling bells coming forth from bowels of spa. Also…the smell of the spa…which was fragrant and pleasant…and completely terrifying to Goliath as it signify a world where the wimmens are in TOTAL control and running the show in ways that, frankly, Goliath don’t even conceive of.  (that the link to the spa).

Goliath walk by this here a couple times every day of this visit and always it retain the mystery.   Here some reviews of the spa in question:  One wimmens said this:

“I decided to get some much needed R&R while my boyfriend attended a conference at the Swan Hotel. I booked a Balinese massage at the Mandara Spa. The massage was relaxing and decent. I would give it a 7/10. I didn’t fall asleep, but it was tranquil. 

The spa itself has lots of Balinese art. After your treatment, you can sit in a room they call the temple. It has views of the resort and couches and lounges to relax on. They give you tea and water. It’s very pretty. 

The locker rooms are somewhat disappointing. There is no sauna or hot tub. There is a steam room, but it was broken. The showers are small and it just was a sort of off was to end the experience. Plus the pushed way over priced products when I checked out. Which was unfortunate. I thought the prices were a bit inflated too, but it was relaxing” 


Ok,  so…like….wtf is a “BALINESE” massage? To goliath the concept that there are differing types or even nationalities of massage is  mystery. Second, the idea that you might expect a massage to ‘put you to sleep’…again..the mystery deepens…but let us now contemplate the idea that after wards, they take you to a room to contemplate art and views and drink tea and water… truly…the female mind is a mystery.

Meanwhile,  Goliath see spas here and there in city and town.  Frankly, Goliath has a kinda fuzzy notion of a spa being simply a big hot tub sort of thing with bubbling waters or something.  But,  over time it has slowly occurred to Goliath that it is something far far different.

In fact, Goliath realize…he really ain’t got no idea what a SPA is.


Goliath remembers that there was a spa at the BELLAGIO in Las Vegas….he look at this and discover there is a  “Spa Etiquette Guide” which he partially produce here:

Tour Philosophy
To protect the privacy of our guests while using Spa Bellagio, we must limit the number of people we tour through our facility.

Assistance With Making an Appointment
A Spa and Salon Receptionist will coordinate a spa and salon experience specifically for your needs.

Customer Requests
You may request a specific gender Massage Therapist while booking an appointment. We cannot guarantee that we will have your request available at all times. All Spa employees are trained to respect the privacy of our guests and to create a comfortable, relaxing environment for all.

Shaving is not recommended before a Body Treatment or Men’s Facial. If you choose to shave, please shave at least four hours prior to your service.

Health Problems and Comfort Level
Please notify our Receptionist before booking treatments if you are pregnant, have allergies, high blood pressure, any physical ailments, or disabilities. This will prepare our staff far in advance to provide the best possible spa treatment or therapy for you. When receiving your treatment, the Technician will address your needs based on your personal assessment. They will speak to you about the temperature, pressure, music, product, and sequence of service they are providing. You may also communicate to us how you are feeling during your service, and if there is anything specific you would like us to address, please inform the Technician.

What to Wear During a Treatment
Spa Bellagio does not uphold any dress code and is a clothingoptional environment. It is recommended during a Body Treatment or Massage that those treatments are enjoyed without clothing although undergarments may be worn if preferred. Professional draping is performed throughout the duration of the service for privacy. We request that all guests take a shower prior to arrival. We will provide robes and slippers for your convenience.