Stephenson for Commissioner Nomination

This Spring, Politics once again gave rise to strange doings. Rick Stephenson Image result for Rick Stephenson Clark County has served a term as County Commissioner and in the observation of many, has been the most open and responsive Commissioner we’ve seen in quite a while. That’s not a knock on previous Commissioners, that just saying nobody seems to have gone to more lengths to try and open up that board to the public than Rick has. Witness for example his ‘Ask the Commissioner Thread’ over on the CCC.

Meanwhile, he has served honorably and effectively. As the many and all know, Goliath is not in the habit of supporting Republicans. But, from time to time has pointed out some great ones. (See my buddy Abe Navarro for example) and the Jacobs family.

It was with real shock that we saw Republican candidates emerge in the Primary season against Rick. Connie Sellers and Kyle Williams have both declared their candidacy for the spot Rick now holds. Gawnews was truly surprised. Rick Stephenson has been one of the success stories of the Republican takeover of County Government. We were most impressed
with his handling along with his fellow Commissioners of the sale of the Hospital. That looks to be a deal that
puts the management of the hospital into proven skillful hands and establishing a long time base for the hospital to serve our County. We asked Rick himself, though, what he was most proud of…. here’s what he said…

“I am most proud of our Hwy Dept. We have given them the tools to do some pretty good sized projects saving the county a lot of money. The Lancassage bridge project on Utica pike was estimated to cost the county $1.3 million. We designed and built the bridge in house for a little over $300k. We have rebuilt 7 bridges in the county using our own bridge crew. We have rebuilt 4 major culvert to reduce flooding. We have also paved over 35 miles of county roads. Over the last 3 years this has saved the taxpayers approximately $20 million.

Equally important is the way the the county does business. It is no longer who you know or who contributes to your campaign that gets engineering or construction projects in the county. We have tried to equal out the amount of projects that each firm receives.

Most of all we have taken the politics out of the Commissioner office. We do not care what party you belong to. If you are the most qualified person for an appointed position you get. (Example: Tommy Galligan on the air port board.)

That last one has me in real trouble with the Republican Party. I do not cower to the party. I work for all the people of Clark County and I answer to them.”

Good statement.

Here at Gawnews we hope the GOP electorate will be wise enough to choose Rick for their candidate. That is the best thing for Clark County.