So you died, just as you lived…with no fanfare. No ceremony.

See you: thick hair mustached blade with a sharp suit and a casual release of

a legal argument that pins every little thing to the wall.

There were many times we sat on a bar stool and chatted and gossiped about our judges, colleagues and clients.

You were kind.

I remember a party at  where Uncle Bill introduced you to a woman that shot ping pong balls   You laughed at the joke it was and smiled.

I remember asking if you would join us to start a law firm.  The big issue seemed to be moving your desk.

When I was in trouble and sued, I asked you to be my lawyer and you got my case dismissed. Thank you.

You had a manner.   You did not  cut anyone. When I was mad you checked me but was always on my side.Did you know how much I  respected your judgment? You were my boss. You never gave me an order. I consulted with you. You were always right.

I worried about your migraine headaches. I was glad you married Paula. I felt she was good for you. I talked with you about God. Because we saw such horrible things and how we could still believe in a benevolent God with all the things we saw.  You rose above it.  without being ever ‘superior’.  You were so human.

We shot craps together.  You were one that followed what I did. So, If I won so did you.  We often won.

You wouldn’t tolerate indecency. That’s a fact.

I got to a place when I didn’t have people I could ask questions about being a lawyer.  That’s when I came to you. For your advice.  I worried about people close to me. I asked you. You gave your advice. I was worried about a judge who seemed to want to hurt me. I asked you for advice.  You were never wrong.

Let me mention some names: Paula, Frank, Wanda, Nicole, Perry, Fleece, Donahue, Vicki, Jen, David,

Can I recall the night we went into the dreamworld with a dream.  We shared a very real dream. Then there were the other names:

Amy, Terry, Shawn,  Darren, Chuck,

In vegas you slept each night i am sure in a bed. Me..I slept on an easy chair one night.

You and I conspired.    When the magistrate job came open, we did a double team…both to be magistrate, me to be Chief PD.  Our plan failed.

You and I talked about our names. Stonebraker….you chuckled. You said the meaning was ‘pretty obvious”.

Our last deed together of so many adventures….we demanded we get the psychiatrists names so we could inform them before they interviewed our client.  You were yourself. Pleasant as a dove…but adamant.

You died.

All the sudden you weren’t with me.   I never had the chance to tell you how I loved you. They say this  ‘your heart is broken’.    My heart is broken.   I wish I could have told you all you meant to me in this life. I am angry

that death took you away so sudden.  It isn’t fair. You and I fought against the things that weren’t fair…all the time I knew you.