Stuff people have said about being banned off the CCC

YMC Sept 5, 2011

“So, this morning I woke up this morning and checked in as I often do over at Clark County Chatter.  The first thing I noticed was that my post from the night before was deleted. I got off my iPhone and opened my laptop to see the thread, to my surprise I was kept receiving an error message.

Then it hit me, I was banned on the Clark County Chatter.

But for what? The last comment I posted was in the Vissing Park thread. For the most part, I’ve ignored the thread. Only after looking through it to remind Not Super But Honest Mike, about something he said did I notice a picture of a group of protesters.
“Hey, I know some of these people,” I thought to myself. They’re cool people and they share DNA with other really cool people. But I found it interesting nobody pointed out the direct relationship they have to critics of the Galligan administration. (I will not reveal their names or relationship at this point, because I’m beginning to think some people are unhappy I brought this up. These feelings are from someone I genuinely care about, so I respect her Daoist wishes.) This was simply an effort toward full disclosure. If I were to write an op-ed in the News and Tribune glorifying Galligan as an awesome mayor the newspaper would run a disclosure acknowledging that I’ve worked on his campaign. This sort of disclosure is important. I do believe that if I posted a photograph of people protesting Moore still being a commissioner after he switched parties, the photograph would be discussed.

I wasn’t even able to discuss this photograph.

But there is more to it than that.

I recently had a forum post removed. I posted about the Awesome Survivor Challenge. GAW is a Jeffersonville blog, therefor making this a Jeffersonville issue. It was a positive post with a link to the website. In my eyes, it’s the same as posting a news story with a link to the article. Unfortunately, the thread was removed. I’ve always tried to operate within the guidelines of the Chatter. I once posted a link to viscous blog (lol) AN operates. I quickly realized that was a no no. (Just kiddin’ AN!) I once posted the names of former moderators and the post was removed. And it should have been. I was out of line for it and I apologized for it. I’ve had several threads moved to other threads. Someone once made a reference to Clarksville in a Jeffersonville thread. When trying to make a point about the comment, the thread was broken and moved to Clarksville.

Although there are many issues about Moore’s management as a county commissioner, these discussions may only take place in the county thread. But, and this is somewhat important, Not Super But Honest Mike, knowing these guidelines posted that “Mike Moore saves the day,” in the Jeffersonville thread. I knew he was going to do it, so the moment I saw it, I responded that this was a county issue not a Jeffersonville issue. Truth be told, I was actually contacted and criticized for pointing this out.

When NSBHM once suggested that TG was guilty of election fraud, I contacted an admin and expressed that I felt this was out of line. I told the admins that I felt that it was inappropriate for someone to accuse someone of being guilty of something they were never charged with. I said that I wouldn’t be acceptable to bring up Mike Moore’s legal issues in the past, and I would be quickly criticized for it and most likely banned. Unfortunately, this standard does not apply to Mike Hutt. The comments remained even after I contacted the administrator. Mike posts photographs of Teresa Perkins without consent. This is a direct violation of the Clark County Chatter’s terms of services. Was he given a “warning” or banned? Negative. I say these things, not because I’m vengeful for furious, but disappointed and hurt. I’ve always tried to be sensible, kind and respectful in my posts. Sure, I’ve taken some direct blows. Bringing up my past mostly. But I just let it roll off my soldiers. Or try to at least.

AMY wrote: I felt indignation when I was banned (twice) also.   Trust me, you will get over that . I think that it was because the forum claims to be serving the citizens of Clark County.  Just because that is what they say , it  does not mean that is what they do.
I also came to the conclusion that the name of the forum, “Clark County Chatter” seems to imply  that it is a county forum. However, it is not. It is not run or operated by the county for the county. It is run/moderated by private citizens who have  their own political agenda. You were one of the CCC regulars, who I always felt could impact the community in a far greater arena,  than that forum.  Your communication and debating skills, sharp wit and humor, should be utilized in a more respected outlet, in my opinion.
They need you, more than you need them.