Susan Popp Endorsed by New York’s Finest

This was the best photo of the election season in Goliath’s opinion. So, we definitely endorse  Susan Popp for County Clerk.  We know that among other things, Susan spent time in the federal court learning how the federal court Clerk’s office handles everything by electronic filing.

We know that her background has her emerging from a process which rewards and produces efficiencies in the system.  She’s ‘got this’…if we let her.   Judge Fleece would no doubt  also be an excellent choice with his knowledge of the Courts and the system and his institutional knowledge (His mother worked for many years in that office). But we give the nod to Susan Popp.  With her there would be  no Judge to Former Judge friction…there would be ‘new eyes’ on the system.  She is smart, savvy and she knows how to work well in the process. (also better looking that Judge Fleece)  New York’s finest got it right!