The Sweetest iPhone AND Android Charger of all Time: Under Ten Bucks

As I told my mother, 90% of items that appear on Kickstarter, IndiGoGo or any other crowdfunded websites are either absolute junk or failed creations ripe with idealism but lacking an understanding of business and production.

But today I came across the Trilobi 3-in-1 iPhone and Android charger.

This charger can power iPhone devices and android devices as a single cord. Now this isn’t anything particularly new or genius, but what separates it from other universal chargers is that it has a magnetic connector much like the MagSafe charging in the MacBooks introduced in 2006. And the best part about this cord: it cost less than $10.

Trilobi 3-in-1 charger devices. .

Hell, I can’t even locally buy a crappy iPhone charger for less than ten bucks let alone one that also charges Android devices.

The Trilobi charging cord has removable “heads” that you can leave plugged into your device. It’s smoother with iPhone devices than Android and if you’re like me you’ll either need to leave the head attached to the cord, or buy more than one if you use a car charger or stream music in your car via USB. But at $10, I imagine I’ll buy at least one more to replace the existing cord I use in my car.

Right now you can order the product from their IndiGoGo page, which has already met 86% (at the time of this post) of their funding goal. (Trilobi’s Kickstarter page and 3-in-1 charger order page.)

And if you want to see the cord in action, and I know you do, check out Unbox Therapy’s review of the charger.

I’ll be ordering at least one, and I’ll make an updated post when I get it and try it out.