The Bandit is Back

Ok,  I know he is corny and all and ‘not cool’ etc.,  but Burt Reynolds is still a guilty pleasure.  Sure there was some real crap back in the day.  But don’t forget his excellent performance in “Deliverance” and later in his career “Boogie Nights.”  But,  aside from the Gator movies (which were a lot of fun btw) he did some other excellent and underrated stuff.  Check out the original version of “The Longest Yard” …he kicks Adam Sandler butt.   Another forgotten but interesting movie was “W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings” which was one of the few movies to depict the Country Western Music Circuit in the South.  Great performances (Including Jerry Reed and Don Williams) and good use of Reynolds to depict Southern Charm.

But yeah…I know.. the guy was an egoist and all…but in todays world of Donald Trump the guy is looking more modest every day. Plus…he’s old now.  But check it out….he is back in BLACK: