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The good and beloved Clark County Chatter carries on. Thank the heathern Gawds! The standards of moderation and rules are enforced with calming even handedness and olympian detachment.

For example, recently Pesty Version 2 posted an explanation of this (Gawnews) report of the Mike Marshall story’s differences from the main stream news reports of the event and included a link to the story.

Pesty had taken this liberty of including a link due to his recollection of invitations by those associated with the chatter including offers to allow such links. Obviously Pesty was wrong. Either pesty was wrong to think the invites were sincere or Pesty misunderstood that he was going to be ‘pimped’ if he came back or he was wrong in what he understood.

But, it amounts to this: PESTY WAS WRONG. CCC was RIGHT.

You will notice that, the CCC moderator “Top Dog” MBHEIGHTS put it like this:


Top dog

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Posted 33 minutes ago

View PostPesty Version 2, on 03 May 2013 – 10:08 AM, said:

   See the whole ugly story, (and certainly more and deeper coverage than was in “every other newspaper”  at  Gawnews:…of-a-witchhunt/

Dude, enough with pimping your website…..
We know, we know…….

THEN,  MBHEIGHTS straightened out Pesty when Pesty apologized for posting the link to Gawnews…he felt sympathy for “Poor Pesty” (must’ve heard about the airstream)


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Posted Today, 11:47 AM

View PostPesty Version 2, on 03 May 2013 – 11:41 AM, said:

Sorry to offend.  Actually mistakenly (obviously) understood was now free to refer to it.
MBHEIGHT’s wrote:
Poor pesty….
Yes you are free to refer to your blog.
But when you do so in every post it does get a little old.
Don’t ya agree?if I were to post over there and try to get your four members over here, would that not be rude?
Bad form so to speak?


      Heres the link so you can see this paternal checking in action for yourself:

Pesty kinda got smart alecky with MB Heights about his ability to count. That was shameful of Pesty.  We did check and Pesty posted 25 times since April 3.  Of those 25  posts,  5 contained a link to gawnews.  (we apologize for those on behalf of Pesty V.2) and we can surely see how that ‘feels like ‘every time’ and also…that they are ‘pimps’ for gawnews.   Shameful really.


Meanwhile,  the CCC continues to be  the ‘go to’ site for the views and insights of Tina, Old Goat,  Quasar,  “Top Dog” himself and all the good old regulars.   Gawnews  heartily encourages all and the many who want to understand what Clark County Common Sense  and Freedom Loving Patriots look like…to go to the Clark County Chatter and ‘get informed’.