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T.G. – Hey little buddy who is this H.T. (Hoosiertaxpayer) dude ???

K.F. (the dummy) – I guess he’s some disgruntled voter with a blog who didn’t like things while we were in office. (teehee)

T.G.- Damn voters don’t they know they aren’t allowed an opinion in Jeff. It’s my way or the highway around here. What’s not to like about when we were in office ???

K.F. Just guessing T.G. (tee hee) but maybe trebling sewer bills, starting projects without the required permits, annexing people who wanted no part of the city…just to name a few (tee hee)

T.G. –  Hell you told them what to do about those high sewer bills…buy one of those stupid toilet flappers you were peddling…

K.F. – The public was smarter than you say they were T.G. nobody bought into the toilet flapper idea….not even NHBSM

T.G. – Hell even I didn’t buy into that one but I thought the voters would… Well what can we do about this H.T. to shut him up ???  We don’t want or need any educated voters in Jeff…

K.F. –  ooh, ooh, I got an idea I’ll get on the internet and call him names like Dick (tee hee) just like I did with Mike Moore…

T.G. – I don’t know, I think your last and only idea on them toilet flappers cost me the election.

K.F. – Hey you’re the one who came up that goofy canal idea not me. The only one that bought into it that was NHBSM and that was only after MM fired him and he’ll flip on anything….

T.G.  Quiet down or I’ll turn you into sawdust….You really think this name calling will really work  with HT ???  Don’t get confused and start arguing issues…

K.F. Don’t worry TG you know the ole Jeff Democratic way if you can’t beat em at the ballot box or on issues just go to calling them names…(tee hee)

T.G. Well OK just the name calling sounds so girlish , but do what you do best….but I sure wish I had someone else defending me though like Ed Z., but he’s a damn Republican , but at least he could cut it in politics…


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  1. Lono, Curse of
    April 7, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    Uh, dudes, I am hearing from the city council
    that the canal is alive and well
    and still a VERY viable option,
    especially in order to be able to comply fully
    with the Federalistas’ ” pollution solution'”
    EPA mandated order and agreement with Jeffersonville.
    A smart economic development plan as well!

    The drainage canal would have looked pretty dern good this afternoon!
    Click on:


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