The Goliath Personality Quiz: Who are YOU really?

This here test has a hiqh very very high probablity of telling the many and all who they REEEEALLY ARE deep down
on the inside. Be careful Don’t take the test if you can’t handle the TRUTH

1. If someone insults you on the internet you

a. Seethe and plot revenge, including the possibility of hacking their accounts, gangstalking them,
possibly sending anonymous chowder head messages etc.

b. Laugh at what a moron they are to not recognize this is a bullshit gig…hell man this is just stupid
stuff on the intenet

c. commence a long and lengthy and tedious ‘tit for tat’ rounds and rounds of argument to PROVE you are right

d. Call your opponent a “Baby Killer” and move on.

2. Someone you vaguely know and have unenthusiatically ‘friended’ on Facebook sends you a provocative, sexually
inviting private message. You:

a. Plunge heedlessly into a an ever more disgusting PM exchange of sexts until your spouse catches you and files for divorce.

b. De-friend them and forget it.

c. Spend time trying to ‘understand’ where they are coming from.

d. Send them a picture of yourself naked and tell them they will never be good enough for ‘this’.

3. Someone tells you that JFK was killed by a conspiracy. You:

a. Agree and start to wonder if the person is working for the NSA and trying to draw you out as a ‘hostile’

b. Tell the person there is no way to know for sure and everyone has a right to their opinion.

c. Inform the ignorant fool that they have bought into the Alex Jones worldview.

d. Send the person a photograph of yourself naked and tell them they are losers that will never rate.

4. A 3,000 year old Giant asks you to take a “Personality Quiz” on his blog. YOu:

a. Take a pen and start writing and stuff and putting in answers.

b. Laugh at the stupid futility of the idiot.

c. Inform the ignorant fool of his Alex Jones fixation.

d. Send in a photograph of yourself Naked and tell him and his readers they suck.


Write your answers in the ‘comments section below and Goliath will anal-ize you.  Thenwill send you a bill you can pay it in Bitcoin. etc.,