The Horror of the last century

For some reason,  Goliath pondering the last century…World war 1 and 2, the Holocaust, Cambodia Rwanda and all the other horrors….. Is it any wonder Our Society is riven and poloarized?  If this happened to a person they would be schizoid psychotic from an overwhelming untreated PTSD.

UPDATE:  As I read history,  there were past eras when true horrors…worse than anything we would dream up for a Hollywood horror movie occurred. The Black Death …slaughter of whole towns and villages by conquering hordes. Enslavement of wimmens and chilerns. Etc… but, when you consider the SCALE of what was done in the 20th Century…. It becomes literally incomprehensible.  In World War 1 the human misery and waste inflicted on the young men (in particular) of Britain, Germany, France the US (later on) and others  is stunning.  The industrial revolution found full expression in the machinery of war there.  And though it was a hundred years ago…the shitty horrifying evil of that resonates down to us today.   After Germany surrendered,  mankind was still thinking so ’19th’ century that it was all about retribution on Germany and extracting as much greedy cash as we could out of the spoils of war.  So much so that it was a natural set up for World War 2 and someone like Hitler.  Meanwhile, over in the east,  China and Japan were frankly disregarded as pretty much (and there is a huge amount of racism at play) insignificant….that the WAR DOGS take over in Japan.   In the  USA we sort of are proud of the fact that at least we didn’t GENOCIDE 6 MILLION JEWS like Germany did. But damn son….look at what we did to Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo …not to mention HIroshima and Nagasaki. (see above Wiki article on bombing).  It was THIS war that UNRESTRAINED warfare inflicted on civilians became “the NORM”.   Not only was this shockingly inhumane and a departure from the ‘honor’ of war from the 19th century. (Ex. at Gettysburg there was only 1 (one) civilian casualty)  but even worse….it set the stage for the philosophical justifications for TERRORISM and the “NEW WARFARE”  that we have to live with in the 21st century.   Once the great powers agreed that civilian populations were a legitimate target of war….. what moral justification can be erected against the terrorist who attacks civilian populations for philosophical or political purposes?  What? the fact that we don’t agree with his philosophy?  Pshaw!!!

How lucky we are ..not to have been bombed, poisoned, tortured, tormented, raped, pillaged, shot,  beaten, imprisoned, maimed, screwed, broken.  But, meanwhile we spend our time chiding each other about who said what on Duck Dynasty…or whether Paula Deen is ok…whether Obama is a traitor for imposing universal healthcare. What a joke! The War on Christmas!  Science is not trusted!  Bastards… you lousy Bastards!


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