The “Jeff Five” How their cases turned out.

Marisa D. Ruckel, 20,Ruckel, Marisa wb.jpg of Jeffersontown, Ky.;

She received,  Like her female boss: DIVERSION on August 1, 2013

Nakayama, Kristen wb.jpg  Kristen Nakayama,  also received DIVERSION on November 2012.

Donna F. Liani, 32, Liani, Donna wb.jpg She got DIVERSION too, on August 29 2013

Then there is:  Amanda L. Driskell, 22, Driskell, Amanda wb.jpg  She got DIVERSION back in June, 2013.

Finally, Abigail E. Perry, 21,Perry, Abigail wb.jpg of Louisville, Ms. Perry faces a possession of controlled substance charge on top of the prostitution tag.  Her case is still  open after a series of attorneys have represented her.  She is the ‘last holdout’.

Ivan Deleon wound up with a four year suspended sentence…(now in jeopardy of being revoked for the full term executed due to recent charges).  Jeana Kaufman, his wife and bidness partner got Diversion…but that deal is likely to be pulled.  Ironically, this means she could wind up facing the longest prison sentence since all her original charges are ‘back on the table’.  But,  fortunately for her, she is represented by Bart “Black Bart” BetteauBart M. Betteau  So,  Goliath predicts she will come out ok…maybe.