The Outer Edges of the Swamp

Fisher, Juanita wb.jpg   The Juanita Fisher case is under way in Judge Moore’s courtroom. Goliath stopped in and witnessed some of the ever so fascinating jury selection as was going on by the Judge,  the deputy Prosecutor Linda Lamping and good old Mitch Harlan the stalwart P.D.  The poor citizens of Clark County that had been pulled in for this one were looking a little bit on the old bleary side.  Who could blame them?   For plain old sordid and lurid and pitiful the allegations in this case could hardly be equalled.   As the Gary Popp of the News Tribune informed the all and the many,  Fisher is accused of molesting a boy who is a ‘relative’ and orchestrating ‘sexual actions’ between the ‘young relative and his sister”.  Yichh!!!!

A little back history on this tawdry and disgusting tale….Fisher had obtained for herself a plea agreement that would have spared her the full weight of the possible penalties if she is found guilty by the jury.  But,  in her infinite wisdom…she decided to jump bail  .   When she got caught ….she wound up blaming her Public defender at the time (not Mitch)  and said he “made” her sign the deal.  Really?  Goliath done heard a lot but it’s kinda hard for a dad blasted mealy mouth lawyer to ‘make’ people sign deals…but this tale and the fact she cut off her ‘bracelets’  resulted in no choice but take this horrible tale to the jury.

Meanwhile,  as we step back from this Goliath is somewhat reeling from the graphic writing of Gary Popp on this in the NT. Goliath can’t quite remember the NT allowing such detailed descriptions of sex cases but…maybe that’s just Goliath’s necrotic brain tissue failing him. But this was pretty graphic.   And,  as tonight we are hearing about  yet three more dead bodies found in Binford Park over in New Albany Goliath is just about floored with the level of depravity that the news is delivering for us about good old Southern Indiana.

Goliath sad to say, that he always been believing that despite personal dissappointments in things here and there about Clark and Floyd County,  he always felt that generally speaking and taking it all for all,  Southern Indiana actually a pretty wholesome place.  But the past few months or even weeks are making Goliath re-consider.  Reading about the Fisher case…if the allegations are true…you have to consider that this depravity and sexual venal perversity was going on almost literally ‘next door’.  How does that happen?

Goliath looked over at Juanita’s Facebook.  Juanita got herself married while she was out on bond awaiting sentencing before she skipped and rejected her plea. Here’s what her husband wrote on his FB page  “So my wifey goes to trial today remember baby you got this I love you and I will see you Friday when theyh supienna me I love yo babe it will be ok we love youj”  (sic)    Apparently these allegations haven’t shaken his love for her.  He still has her portrait on his page.  

Linda Lamping, the DPA had some interesting comments about the case as reported by Mr. Popp,  “We have an expert who will explain child molesting syndrome, and it’s counterintuitive,” Lamping said. “It is like a rape victim, you think that they would immediately report, but they don’t. You think that they would tell you everything immediately, but they don’t.

“They are kids. And when a kid hasn’t reported it or been told not to report it then it is very difficult for them to pinpoint exactly when it has happened.”

One thing Goliath can tell you,  Ms. Lamping is a good person and so are the Public defenders.  The judge will run a good trial but it is going to be a tough week for EVERYONE concerned.