The Power to Surprise.

My friend, Dustin White, jetted off  for New York City at the end of the week.   Upon arrival, he immediately began posting photos of his adventures onto the internet (via Facebook)  Dustin is a succesful homegrown Jeff lawyer.  And it felt good to see one of our own tripping the light fantastic in the Big Apple.  Last year  at O’Dell Wilder’s birthday bash, graciously hosted by Theresa™   Dustin and Goliath had a show-down for a split pot. It was awesome.  Plus, I admire Dustin’s glasses.   

White seems to be a talented lawyer (I haven’t had any cases against him and that’s when you really learn) but we constantly rub shoulders in the Courthouse and …in the venues elsewhere where politics is of interest. However,  the signal characteristic that he has which has come to command my attention is Dustin’s power to surprise. The first example of this was when I learned that he was fluent in Hungarian.  (and I know not what other languages).  This was apparently associated with his stint attached to some sort of diplomatic mission in Budapest.  In Jeffersonville circles, this automatically means you are a spy for the CIA so he earned massive respect.  May I list some of  the surprises Mr. White has shocked the Goliath world with?

1.  College era photograph of some kind of two peaked hairstyle

2. Running for Council

3. Going to the Dem Caucus and calling for a ‘Vote of Confidence’ (or …as meant…No Confidence) for the Party Chair.

4. Appearing on a hot July day in the Courthouse in a PINK seersucker suit. 

5. At a Pre-Election (2012) lunch,  when an old POL commented that the Democrats where in “fine shape”,  Dustin coolly lowered his fork and with a stone face said “What objective poll results are you looking at…have you even READ the news lately?”

So,  Cheers to Dustin White….back from NYC with polish and perspective. Cool classes and impeccable style.  The final surprise were those HOLE CARDS he was playing at O’Dells!