The Week in Review: BY GOLIATH

PestyPestyRobin re-emerged this week in various ways. This made Goliath awful down hearted as pretty much Pesty had been silenced and for once thought we had seen pretty much the last of him.

But, obviously,  there he was up in Washington DC making mischiefs of various types. But meanwhile, posting stuff of various kinds on varying issues and topics over there on the CCC in the guise of “Pesty V.2.0  Pesty Version 2's Photo  (Which ain’t fooled me, nor Grumpy Granny nor nobody).  Ever weasly. Ever disloyal. Slippery and devilish. Pesty knowed very very well Goliath would abrade at the idea of limiting a person’s liquid refreshment intake in any amount.  Yet Pesty tried to get a grassroots ‘up with the people’ type movement to ban 32 oz soft drinks.  How sweet it was to see the scheme backfire right into Pesty’s smart alecky face!

Next,  Mayor Mike Moore called up late on Sunday night…very very worried about big issue on the City Budget seeking Goliath’s sage advice.  Goliath must refrain from the details of such conversation…but note well,  Mayor Mike Moore was all smiles as he deftly outmaneuvered the Council and pushed forward on the PR front with this bold Meme on Social media: 

MOnday came and Kevin  Vissing called Goliath.  He was very very uncertain about whether or not to make a certain Investment in  a vehicle.  Goliath once again give out some sage advice.  Here’s the result: 

Meanwhile,  Goliath also gave out some incredibly insightful guidance on the Wheel Tax project.  That wheel tax idea was SMOTHERED IN THE CRADLE!!! Ha!!!

Next thing,   On Tuesday Keith Henderson, Floyd County Prosecutor  called on Goliath for assistance on the big decision on whether or not  to convene the “GRAND JURY” on the CLUTTER CASE. His Chief Deputy, Steve Owen was advising him NOT to convene it (Heres Owen…on the left)   but Goliath know what up….SHURE KEITH!!! Convene the Grand Jury!! Afterall,  what’s the point of being the Prosecutor if you can’t convene a grand jury ever once in a while and INDICT  innocent father and husband with a rock solid alibi!!?  Henderson say he so glad to have Goliath behind the scenes to give him advice.

Wednsday pretty normal day,   Presnent Obama call Goliath up  this poor guy is REALLY bummed out!  “Goliath,  should I close Gitmo or not?”  Goliath sagely advise that Gitmo would be much nicer as a tropical resort for retired IRS agents.  “Thanks buddy,” said Pres. Obama.

Thursday was a tougher day.  Queen Elizabeth  was on the old Skype with Goliath gravely upset of the butchering of one of her soldiers by some Islamic Nuts.  “I realize my friend that you are of Philistine descent and are related to many of today’s islamic extremists,  yet, I feel, Goliath, you possess some insight into how to respond to someone who would seek to behead one of my beloved soldiers.”    Goliath was quick to respond.  “Yer Majesty, when it comes to the subjeck of  decapitation…you done called the right giant.”  (the rest of Goliath’s advice must remain secret…subject to rules of Goliath’s special ‘relationship’ with M5).

Today,  Goliath was at his ease.  He stroll down Spring Street,  running down the alley behind “Olde Towne Grocery” and found gobs of rubbish what was still perfeckly good and usable.  Then he slide over to Third Base to start in on the much deserved Jagermeister…which he ordered IN A 32 OUNCE JUGs !!!!  







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