Things I have learned in 3,000 years.

From time to time people say to Goliath,

GAW News

GAW News

“How come you is so very dumb?”  They know Goliath is 3,000 years old and Goliath had a lot of time to learn all there is to know. But…sadly to say to all and many,  Goliath not gifted with profoundest intellect.  It kinda like the Heathern Gawds gifted Goliath with a great body but the price to pay was a dimmer wit.  So Goliath have to operate in the world following simple rules and such.

Still, it is true that Goliath has, indeed, learned a few things in 3,000 years.  Stuff that help old Goliath get along.  This is all pretty simple stuff but might help you out sometime or another. So here is some stuff Goliath learned over the years (in no special order).


  1.  If somebody tell you that you MUST decide right now. ….the answer is always “No”.
  2. Dress up when you travel if you want good treatment.
  3. Avoid any man that packs his cigarettes. They are almost certainly an asshole.

4.  When you are threatened,  consider moving toward the threat as that is sometimes the safest option.

5. When gambling,  if you lose your initial stake,  stop gambling.  Goliath has never recovered a losing gambling session by getting into his pocket on the idea that luck is bound to change. And, on the other hand, in every successful gambling session,  having to get in the pocket  was never a concern.

6. You can’t trust a Junky.

7. People aren’t thinking about you nearly as much as you might imagine. So, it’s pretty safe to do what the hell you want to do as you want to do it.

8.  As a rule, Nurses …followed by Teachers are the best and most likely to help you out.

9. Stupidity usually is why things are, or get, fucked up.

10. A good nights sleep helps out a lot of problems.