Thrilling white knuckle basketball: Clarksville Generals win Regional Championship

Oh my heathern Gawds!  Gaw stringer the Hood, cajoled a reluctant Goliath into begrudgingly coughing up a few shekels to support the hood’s latest project…. announcing for and the basketball tournament focusing on the Clarksville Generals.  Goliath like to toss the old basketball at the peach baskets  what is nailed up over the chicken coop in the goliath compound as all and many know so very well. But Goliath not normally got time for these here sprout sized upstarts what plays high school basketball.   After all, Goliath did not never attend no ‘high school’ as Goliath was trained for war starting at age twelve in the Camps of the Philistine king.  But since Goliath had sponsored these here games, Goliath posted the webcasts on GAWNEWS and set down and watch these here games. OH MY HEATHERN GAWDS!!!!!

First the Generals took on the Austin Pukes. Goliath call these here the Austin Pukes because Goliath’s lawyer,  the GSL well remembers many year back when the GSL was a punk on the Freshman team at Silver Creek and was bussed up to Austin to play the Austin Freshman team.  GSL well remembers the Austin “Fans” standing outside the yellow school bus and pelting the bus with rocks and sticks and such.  To get inside the gymnasium there was a cordon of adults to guard the freshman Creekers from getting attacked by the mobbing Austin crowd. FOR A FRESHMAN game!!!

But REVENGE was had lo these many years later as Clarksville dominated the Austin team.  But the Austin Pukes still manage a rally late in the game what send the game into overtime.  Suffice to say this here was quite a nail biter. But Clarks ville won.  So it was on to the Evening game against the MINERS of Linton-Stockton High.  Once again this was as thrilling a game as one could hope for.  The Miners led at the half by one point 20 to nineteen.   To show you how tight and how tough the game was,  the score was only 26 to 23 with the miners leading going into the fourth quarter.  Good lord!  With 4 and a half seconds left to the END of the game it was 29 to 27.  Baby that is some TIGHT BALL PLAYING.  Somehow, someway, Clarksville managed to TIE the ball game in that 4.4 seconds and they went into OVERTIME for the second time that day. Clarksville chugged ahead on the momentum and won it 42 to 36.  Baby it was worth the Shekels.   Goliath also wants to express a special congratulations to General, Calvin McEwen(photo credit: News Tribune)   …named tournament Most Valuable Player after scoring 16 points against Linton and 17 in Clarksville’s win over Austin.

And YES, GAWNEWS will be sponsoring and carrying next weekends Podcast as the Generals go into SEMI STATE against number 1 seek Park-Tudor.