Throwback Monday for MBJM For the peeps at MBM today

Some of my peeps that work now at MBM weren’t around when Brad got married. That was an era.

Here is an example of the kind of stuff going on: Mosley is toilet head man. Perry is phone man

next: Guest star, Stan Robison as “Lucca Robison” proposing a business proposition

Next: as MBJM godfather, McCall must consider a favor on the wedding day of his god son, Brad Jacobs.

Next: Jen Bertrand and Brad Jacobs are on their way to Vegas on a foolproof plan and Jen reveals a superpower
learned from fellow Coven member Lisa Reger.

Next: Things don’t go as planned for Jen and Brad, so they concoct a plan to get money from Larry Wilder using
Jen’s special “coven power”

Finale: All the best laid plans go astray as the MBJM plan is overheard by a couple of street dealers in Vegas