Today a good thing happened

Mondays are tough.  Everyone knows that.  We rise to face the sometimes grim routines we have set for ourselves. Even if we love our work life (as I do),  it can be a mental, physical and spiritual chore to face another week of whatever it is we do to make our living.

I talked to a couple of people today.  One way or another, they are all in the midst of a struggle. These struggles vary. But, in most of them I have a role.  My job is to help them through the struggle.  Sometimes it means pushing them through it. Sometimes I have to stand beside them and clobber things or people that are trying to stomp on them. Sometimes it is something much more nuanced of an attack that I have to first decode,  and then deflect.  On another line, someone dear to me faces physical ills.  There,  I can only offer support, encouragement and friendship.  You hope it’s enough and pray (if you can).  What is good is to see that people are resilient and usually courageous.  When the coward or dishonorable emerges in the scenes of life,  it’s shocking because it’s not normal.

Today I had the culmination of one single struggle and with much work…it turned out ok.  Two children will be ok and life will be “ok” for them and their loved one.  That’s not bad for a Monday.