TOLL BRIDGE RIP OFF (It cost 10 million more to toll than it does in New York)

ONce again we see the massive ripoffs going on over the bridge project. Not enough I guess to torture us with all this disruption of traffic. To insure we get the message loud and clear that we, the ones who actually live in “Kentuckiana” are just dumb ass peasants, the powers that be are sticking it to us with gleeful abandon.

Did you note the sour note struck by one of the competitors for toll management sounded over the selection of Kapsch and “Computer Aid” as the monitor for the tolls? Check it…”

Kapsch should have disclosed that Richard Arce, Kapsch’s former chief systems operations officer, is now CAI’s chief operating officer for tolls and transportation practice.

“In the interest of transparency, Kapsch should have disclosed that their former principal is now the chief operating officer for the consultant involved in the IFA selection and eventual oversight of their potential contract,” Marks wrote.

Kendra York, director of the Indiana Finance Authority, acknowledged it had received the letter Friday in a Monday statement.

“We received it on Friday late afternoon, so we’ve not had a chance to really look through it thoroughly,” York said.”  (Courier Journal, October 1, 2014)

Meanwhile this Kapsch group on the road  to  collect a cool 40 million to run this TOLL monitoring program. “Last month, the bi-state board and the Indiana Finance Authority board both gave their initial approvals of a $39.9 million contract with Kapsch, whose parent company is the Kapsch Group based in Vienna, Austria.” (Same CJ article)

(Don’t you love that they say ‘39.9’ mill? like buying a used car)

Hey…is that a fair price to charge us hicks here in the midwest? Well…what would it cost for the same job on the Tappan Zee bridge in New York? You know…the famous bridge that crosses the Hudson River in NY at  its widest point? TappanZeeBridgeFromBelow.JPG

Well…Goliath found this out: “SOUTH NYACK – The state Thruway Authority has hired a company to develop and install an all-electronic toll collection system for the Tappan Zee Bridge while the new crossing is being built….The state is paying Kapsch TrafficCom IVHS Inc. about $29 million    to implement the new tolling technology at four locations along the 570-mile Thruway. Those are still under development and would likely replace the toll facilities at Yonkers and Harriman.”  See:

Yeah…that’s right KENTUCKIANA….them smart alecky New Yorkers gonna pay 10 million less for the same job as you are  gonna pay for.  But..hey Big Spenders? What’s 10 Million more or less to rich folks like you peasants?

But see…dude…that’ how them rich folk in VIENNA and other great places can afford to live so high on the hog. Thank you. Thank you for the privilege of supporting your lifestyle.