Toughest Prosecutor???? No it AINT Jeremy… Ain’t Bob…it ain’t KEITH either

Goliath a little tired of the back and forth over which one of these is the toughest prosecutor what walks… Here one say “Jeremy is a bad ass and had an eyepatch like a pirate.. He knows Karate and stuff”  Another say….. “Look here, Bob is a wrangler and rides Hosses and wears a slouch cowboy hat!”     Some might say Keith Henderson is tough…” he’s a former ISP trooper dude!”

But Goliath don’t wanna hear no more about it!!!  Who’s the TUFFEST????

Harrison County Prosecutor OTTO SHALK  Here he is “IN THE CAGE”

C’mon….that’s a six second slap down!

Photo: Almost exactly 8 years ago, a much younger ( and skinnier) version of myself decided to enter the world of cage fighting.  You can learn a lot of life lessons while cage fighting.  Surprisingly, there are several lessons about campaigning and politics that you can learn inside a cage as well.  At the end of the day, the one likely to be victorious isn't the one that trash talked the most, it's the one who focuses on themselves and has the superior ability.