TROPHY-GATE 2014 / First day of hearings reveals CCC involvement

Established: By Article I, Section 13, of the GAW NEWS Trophy-Gate 2014 Advisory Commission.  Functions: Determine through formal investigations, the validity of GAW News award to H.T.’s BatBlog.Special Prosecutor (KFetz) Called the hearings to order, March 21, 2014 at 8:00AMsupreme-court-hearing_1362698005872_383719_ver1.0_320_240.jpg (320×240)

PestyRobinAs today’s hearing and testimony from “PESTY” concluded,  (5) additional Subpoena’s were issued for the following individuals to testify: GSL, Grumpy Granny, Quasar, *********, and H.T.


As you will notice from the transcript below, there are several individuals identified during Pesty’s testimony that engaged in unlawful behavior.

FETZ:  We‘ll get to GSL‘s direct role or indirect role in a second. But cut to the chase first.  What exactly was  ************* & *****************(Names redacted until investigation complete) supposed to get for giving the award to H.T.? 

PESTY:  Very clear. And this is based not on speculation. It‘s based on documents, tapes, before the deal was made and after. *********** & *********** were looking for one thing. They were looking for financial information to embarrass ***************. What they learned—there‘s a kick-back scheme in Clark County. 

There‘s only one place you can get this information, Mr. Fetz. It‘s in the rank and file of the CCC. (Clark County Chatter) —I have no evidence that  *********** was involved but I’m certain and have documents and tape recordings to prove that *********** & ************** were certainly involved. They, in essence, put in play the entire deal.

Stay tuned for additional updates as the proceedings will continue tomorrow.