JEFFERSONVILLE, IN. (GAW NEWS) — A special prosecutor has been named to lead the investigation  of TROPHY-GATE


Friday morning, Goliath announced that GAW NEWS Stringer, & former 3rd District City Councilman KFetz, has been appointed as Special Prosecutor.


The appointment follows a recent order from the GAW NEWS Board of Stringers, disqualifying GSL from any further involvement in the investigation.


Goliath issued a new post applauding the actions taken by Quasar of the CCC in a move that locked down a rogue thread started by  PESTY  V.2 after receiving multiple complaints related to an allegation of impropriety surrounding the motive for said poll.


In another unexpected move this morning, GOLIATH announced he would be stepping down as Director of GAW NEWS pending the findings from the investigation.goliath

Before departing the compound, GOLIATH was seen providing last minute details to newly appointed Interim Director Leah Farris.

leahFetz confirmed that no formal charges have been filed in the investigation that previously was being led by GSL.  

Offering very limited details into his plan, Fetz only comment was as follows:

At this point, we are gathering and preserving as much evidence as possible. We have already uncovered several failed attempts to manipulate, destroy, and taint evidence that we believe will provide proof of a devastating cover-up by the previous investigation team”

Fetz also offered the following account of his conversation with Goliath prior to his departure from the compound:

“When I spoke with Goliath this morning he told me that I must pursue this investigation of Trophy-Gate even if it leads all the way up to Goliath himself… He added that he maintains his innocence in the matter but requires me to leave no stone un-turned”


An official hearing has been set for April 21 at 9:30 a.m.