Goliath’s very proud that he’s been able to help some folks rise up from some low down dad blasted hell life they was living to a better life.  Sometimes, as they say in AA you got to hit the bottom before you can start going up.  

This next tale is from a FOG (friend of Goliath) that has managed to escape from that world. But, don’t kid yourself…back in the day it was another story. Here’s  this fellow’s story:


F Block …

I had the bottom buck for medical reason and the guy that slept on the bunk

above me was in for stabbing his wife numerous times. It’s no longer alleged because he 

was convicted. He wore a yellow jumpsuit meaning he was violent or suicidal. Well come to 

find out he was. Wake up call came one day at 6 am like every other day except this day 

when we all stood for role call he didn’t so the Co’s (correction officers) started yelling at 

him over the loud speaker and he never moved so they asked me to go wake his ass up. I 

tried to no avail. In they came and started trying to wake the guy up. finally they took his 

ass out on a gurney and to the hospital. apparently he had been saving his meds on med 

call  and took them all at once.


another time on the same block…. A new guy shows up in the block and I had seen his 

name on a motion of discovery asa CI Confiditial Informant so I shared that little tid bit of 

info with the guy I was setting there smoking a cigarette with. Needless to say the info 

spread very quickly. within and hour the guy come to me asking why I said that and a 

bunch of the guys were ready to beat the hell out of him. there was an all out riot about to 

happen  and in came the CO’s with all their riot gear 

pointing rubber bullet guns and yelling

for  everyone to get on the ground. We did as we were told. when it was all said and done 

and  questioned were asked as to how it had all started it was found that I was guilty of 

almost  starting a riot. Off to the hole (solitary confinement) I went.

With the blood disease I have and stress being a major trigger for the disease to flare up I 

was getting sick all the time. After getting sick many times I was on bed rest 100 % of the 

time unless I was eating or showering. I was going to the Er (emergency room) all the time. 

The sheriff really didn’t know what to do with me so they got a bright idea of putting me on 

the west side in individual cells. A couple days later I woke up in the middle of the night with 

a swelling attack in my throat and panicked because losing air trying to breathe and not 

being able to yell all I could do was beat on the door and make noise that way. it felt like 

forever but finally they did a walk through and rushed me to the ER.

Another swelling attack was in my balls and they took me to the ER and this time it was a 

woman CO. Later when we got back to the jail she had jokes saying that if I’d stop playing 

with myself I probably wouldn’t have that problem.


People in jail are very ingenuitive. They use a styrafoam cup to make ink for tattoo’s. They 

burn the cup under a stainless  steel toilet and scrape off the soot and then mix that with 

water and vaseline to make ink.

to roll a cigarette they’ll use BIBLE pages. 

My favorite was they paper from a Hershey

chocolate bar. Not the outside paper but the white paper withthe aluminum paper that 

covers the actual cany bar. imagine seperating that foil off the paper. it’s very time 

consuming but when all you have is time it really doesn’t matter.