The next tale is told by a FOG (friend of Goliath) and as Goliath reads this story can only shake the giant head  how bizarre it must seem to this friend and anyone who is in jail on drug charges to witness the scenes described.   Now you see why the drug war just looks like a game to some.


I have been in and out many times and I thought of a few short stories. I guess it was 2011 

when I was inside 2-c for about six months. When I got in there they had phones and drugs. 

The gangs would make inmates grab prepackaged stuff from a person in between the court 

doors while they walked to or left for court. Two or three times a week there was a softball 

sized package picked up at court

At one point in time there was 7 cell phones and we 

only  had one charger hooked to a light fixture in a cell. It was so bad one inmate broke 

another  inmates phone for taking his off the charger. During this whole time they had any 

drugs that  you wanted and used green dots to get money that they would load on a card 

using the cell phone. 


They would sell to the other pods by making things called snakes that would be 

made of cardboard and used to send drugs and green dots back and forth under doors to 

other pods. During that time none of the guards would do there rounds and 60 people were 

inside a 30 man dorm. People got into fights daily and wouldn’t be allowed to get there tray 

and had to stay in the room so the guards wouldn’t see them beat to death and bring heat 

on  the pod.


They even went to taking pictures of inmates before they went to court so the person would 

know who to hand the package too. There was poker games in the day room with 200$ 

worth of drugs in it everyday.

People smoking in the day room nodding out in the day room 

and clearly under the influence and (The Jail personnel) did not care as long as the 

corrections officers didn’t  have to get up they didn’t care what u was doing.


NEXT UP:  “LADY JAIL”   Inside the jail as a young woman.

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